A Man of Inspiration

A Man of Inspiration

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In Cuba you are not actually allowed to be a beggar. Traditionally they throw you in jail if caught begging because the regime could not afford any negative bias towards it especially during the dark period in the 90s

The reason this man inspired me is because of what he said when I asked to take him photo "I am 58 years old and I have always wanted to travel to Brazil and Africa but at this age I am not sure it is possible anymore but now you can take my soul with you wherever you go"

There is a large superstition that if I take your photo that I am stealing your soul. But this man made me realize that I am just borrowing it. I am borrowing it so that before you move on to your eventual resting place you can journey with me across the world and see just a little more.

Inspiration and insight can come from any person or anything so never believe that you are above another as you might miss an important life lesson

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