Luc & Lucas Pols

Luc & Lucas Pols

Why I chose Photography and Travel 

My dad immigrated to America from Holland for the sole purpose of seeing the Grand Canyon—you could say traveling is in my blood.

I traveled as a kid and teenager, but I didn’t take the full plunge until after my dad was re-diagnosed with cancer, this time incurable. The doctor had given him little more than a year to live, and we decided to take our first trip together across China and through Tibet. It was during that trip when I started documenting what I was seeing to inspire my friends to see the world.

I was fortunate to get an extra eight months with my dad, and with this added time, we took a second trip together down to Antarctica. It was his joy and appreciation that made me understand that seeing a new culture, visiting an unknown land, getting out of your comfort zone, and going on an adventure is unto itself a lifetime achievement.

My father became a photojournalist after he retired, and when he passed, I decided to continue that legacy with a  slightly different perspective. 

My focus going forward is to document travel destinations, give photography tips, and highlight nonprofits that are aiding the areas I travel to.